Video transcription

African Violets have the reputation of being an easy care house plant. Here are some problems that you can easily avoid in the care of this wonderful little house plant. Do not over water. Do not let your plant sit in water. When you do water, make sure your water is room temperature. You use a water soluble fertilizer and you turn your African Violets 1/4 turn each time you water. Once again, do not let your plant become soggy. Moist is good but dry is even better. It is better to let your African Violet become a little on the dry side and not so much on the wet side. If you find that you do not have an eastern or a western exposure for these plants and you must put them in a hot or southern exposure by all means put some sort of fabric screen or filter on the window. When you water make sure that you use water that is dechlorinated. Leave your water overnight if it is tap water. Spring water you can use but again dechlorinate your tap water. And lastly enjoy your African Violet. If you feed, water, give them enough sun to produce these lovely flowers, you are going to have a wonderful addition to your home and your family.