Video transcription

Now we are here to discuss problems that are very common in your bougainvillea garden. First, the lack of sun and warmth. This is a tropical plant. It needs minimally six to eight hours to perform as you can see in their magnificent splendor. Do not over water your bougainvillea. Once established; in a year or two, depending upon environmental conditions and how you treat your bougainvilleas, they should be well on their way to being established. Once a week, a generous supply of water, again, making sure that you have good drainage, should serve your bougainvillea well. Feed your bougainvillea on a regular basis. A high phosphate, organic food is best, you can use. They're not really picky eaters, but feed them on a regular basis. Again, do not over water your bougainvillea. Water well before you feed, water well after you feed. Watch for insects. Your beneficial insects, such as your ladybugs, and your lacewings will help prevent your bad, your parasitic insects. Go to your local nursery or home center for preventive chemicals and/or methods and ways to control insects in your garden. Now, a common problem with bougainvilleas is a mineral deficiency. Once or twice a year add a broad spectrum concentrated mineral formula for your bougainvilleas and for your garden generally speaking. This will help in deficiencies later on in your garden. Again: plenty of sun, plenty of warmth, do not over water your bougainvillea, making sure that it has great drainage, feed on a regular basis, watch for pests, watch for insects and you'll be happy to know that your bougainvillea will be with you for many years to come.