Video transcription

Now we're going to talk about how you can grow your bougainvillea indoors. Warmth and sun is a key issue to growing your bougainvillea indoors. Do not over water your bougainvillea. Again a dry bougainvillea is better than a wet bougainvillea. If you have a saucer underneath your bougainvillea, by all means make sure that your bougainvillea does not sit in water for any more length of time than twelve hours. Again, wet feet is a death warrant for these bougainvilleas. They must have good drainage indoors as well as outdoors. Now, if you notice that you have a problem with your bougainvillea: the leaves are dropping, it doesn't really flower and it just looks not happy, see if you're over watering. If you happen to have an insect problem make sure that you diagnose that correctly and get on that problem very quickly. Insects love indoor planting. It's their environment. Warmth, moisture, they will multiply very, very quickly. Again, if you have a fungal problem, stop over watering. Watch for your insects, give it a lot of sun, good drainage and warmth and you can grow your bougainvillea inside.