Video transcription

This is rose Honeyflow. It’s a large growing bush type rose and what we’re going to do is we’re going to deadhead it. basically what that means is removing the spent flowers. On all roses, the immature leaves directly behind the roses are three leafed, down to a set of five leaves, and then you prune it off. <P> Now, this is the incorrect way to do it would be that if you cut below it, you end up with a stem. Always make sure that you cut just above the leaf that you choose so that that stem is gone. What will happen here in it’s place is another new set of leaves will come on, and that will be where your roses are. <P> Ok, with this one, it’s getting a little too long so instead of just cutting it up here at the top to remove the bloom, I’m going to cut fairly deep into the rose. Once again, always right above the fifth type of the leaf. What this does is encourage the rose to continue to bloom. This one is somewhat of a maniac. Lots of different roses will literally stop blooming if this isn’t done.