Video transcription

Hi! I'm Chad Smith and I'm a State Certified Journeyman and Wireman; that's an electrician. I'm here today and we are going to hang a new ceiling fan. Now this project is very simple. It is not as hard as it looks. I know most of you have a ceiling fan still in the box, out in the garage or in the walkway or in the storage closet that you went to the home improvement center and you were all excited to hang that ceiling fan and you opened it up and it was like the psycho theme song. It scared you to death. You just slapped it shut and threw it in the closet. This is a really easy project and if you just follow me through this, we will get through this all right. I'll show you some of the steps; actually simple steps really that you will need to take to do this; just shut the power off, make sure that it is safe, some of the tools that you will need for this project, we will talk about how to take down the old ceiling fan and hang the new one and test it to make sure it works properly. So stick with me through this. It is a very simple process. That way you are saving yourself a lot of money. So let's go ahead and get started installing this new ceiling fan today.