Video transcription

We have just finished up putting in a new doorbell in this house. Now I want to take a moment and mention to you that in the attic we didn't have to we ended up not having to put a new one in but in the attic is the transformer that I have been talking about don't let this scare you it looks scary but is very easy to do, don't let this stop the job if you do exactly what I say and read the instructions you would be able to hook this up with no problem. If you are a man like me and you don't like reading directions but I will strongly suggest going through and reading the directions that come with the transformer. Its just a quick read and it would familiarize you with what this thing is and what it does. So look at the instructions. As in every standard transformer you have what is called the primary and whats called a secondary. Okay basically the best way to remember that is primary is your power in what this is is your this is your 120 volt in the transformer. So if you look up there and you see the transformer that is there you would see a wire going to it with a white and a black. The black is your power, the white is your neutral. Now of course you would have the power off so you could take those apart take out the old transformer and put the new one in, in its place. All you do is take the black to the black and the white to the white. And the green depending on if you have a newer home or a older home the older homes don't have its basically a ground the older homes don't have ground so you would just basically tag to the box that this is mounted in or just cap it off you don't really need it. In the newer homes there would be a ground there so go ahead and hook that up to. Now on the other side of this transformer you would remember me talking about the secondary side of the transformer basically what that is, is one of the wires that comes from the switch at the front door or the button in the front door goes to one side of the transformer and then from the other side it goes to the base basically that is as switch and all its doing is closing the circuit and activating this transformer to feed that unit. You just take one lead from the front door and you land it on one of these terminals. You take the second lead and that is the red wire that was in that base you take that second lead and land it on the other one. Now up in the attic you would see 3 wires again still. One wire would go all the way through to here and one wire would stay up here that is all you do to hook this transformer up. Its very easy, read the instructions, go through it and in no time you would be a champ you would have a transformer installed. I'm Chad Smith and we just finished installing a new doorbell in this house.