Video transcription

Now that we've got all our repairs done. The different ways we do it, we've fixed the bubbles, we can iron down a piece of veneer, we put a patch in. We've actually put a whole new surface on this one. We're going to take off the clamps. After this glue has had plenty of time to dry. We feel the surface, feels nice and smooth. There's a little bit of glue residue where the clamp pushed it out and that's normal. There's a couple of ways to deal with that. We can use a scraper and literally hand scrape it. Pull the veneer off. We can take a sander, since we're going to refinish this piece in the long run. We're going to sand it anyway, so we'll just take the sander and smooth out that area. The excess that we left before, we want to come back and trim that off. Again, with a sharp chisel. And on the end, we're going to sand that edge off. And just a little bit on the edge here smooths everything up nicely. Now we can unclamp it and you an see the repairs done here. Nice tight fit, everything's down smooth, thing's ready for the finishing room now.