Video transcription

Alright. What we've got here, is we've let it dry for a couple of days. The finish is nice and solid. We got all the color built up. Everything is clear and good. Now, what we want to do is rub the finish out. This is almost as involved as putting the finish on. So, what we're going to use is a machine like this that vibrates in one direction motion. It also has a five hundred grit wet and dry paper on it. We're going to wet it down with some mineral spirits to keep in lubricated. And, we're going to sand the whole surface. It's going to look horrible. But, in the end it will come around. First thing we want to do, is not turn that on yet. First thing we want to do, is get the surface wet. And, then we also want to get the sandpaper wet. And, we're going to go with the grain when we sand. Just back and forth. Alright. Now you see what it looks like, kind of mucky and dreary looking. But, we're going to clean that up and we'll continue on with the process. But, that's the first step in cutting the finish.