Video transcription

All right, now that we have the sealer dry, a nice barrier coat on there, it's surface is still a little rough and smooth, because it tends to raise the grain a little bit. So what we are going to do now is our first sanding is a 240 grit paper and a jigging machine. Depends on what kind of piece we are doing or finishing, depends on how we are going to sand it. If it's a chair we're going to use hand paper and we're going to sand it like this by hand. If it's a large table top we're going to use a sander like this. So it' all effective what we're working on and how we're doing it as to what machine we use and how we do it. But, ultimately what we are after is a nice smooth surface. Again we want to take a nice clean rag, not like this one, and we are just going to wipe the surface off. Getting any of that over spray, get all the residue off from the sand paper and get it ready for the next part of the process.