Video transcription

Hi my name is Paige and we are about to blow the insulation into these walls. We’ve cut our holes and we filled our insulator blower outside. You do leave the blower outside so that it doesn’t get as dusty. This is a two person job. Amelia is outside and she is going to be loading the insulation into the blower. So my step is I am going to wear my mask and then I am going to simply put this hose which comes with the insulator blower when you rent, it into my hole. I’m actually going to angle it down as it comes on and as it starts to fill up, I’m going to pull this out and when I’m done, I’m going to communicate with Amelia and tell her okay, that one is filled and then I will go to my next hole. Pretty simple stuff. When you are blowing insulation you want to make sure that the slide gate is open on your insulator. There is an adjustment and also that your wiring is not coiled up or else it won’t give as much flow with the insulator and you won’t get your desired effectives.