Video transcription

Here we're going to talk about some of the other maintenance that is required on a spa. Spas can develop what we call a scum ring or bathtub ring on the spa, simply because of body oils, cosmetics, hair sprays, antiperspirants, things like this that can build up in the spa. So, one thing we can use is a spa surface cleaner with a rag. You simply take a little bit of cleaner, spray it on the rag and simply go around the side of the spa and wipe that scum ring clean. Trying to keep as much chemical or cleaner out of the water as possible. Too much cleaner in the water can also cause a foaming in the spa, which may occur naturally on its own anyway due to laundry detergents. Again, hair sprays, body oils, all these materials build up in the water creating a foam build up on the spa. So, to get rid of those, there is a product called Anti-Foam, you simply open the lid, put a small squirt using less than an ounce in the water, takes care of the foam on a temporary basis for about twenty minutes. For foam continues to build, we can oxidize it out. That means we need to do a super chlorination, bringing the chlorine level up to a certain level which a, which a dealer can help you establish what that level needs to be. And that will destroy soap agents so that your foam is gone one hundred percent, until body oils and things build up again, you would have to repeat that process.