Video transcription

Okay, here we're going talk about some of the differences in chlorine and bromine use. Quite often people use bromine, simply because they come more often in a tablet form of sanitizer. Here we have some chlorine or bromine shock to the spa. Some people prefer the bromine smell over chlorine smell. They both are different as far as that. There are some benefits of one over the other. One being bromine is not pH dependent as chlorine is in the water. Which means it's a more stable product, can last a little longer, has some benefits to do with ozone and other shock treatments that can be added to the water to enhance the bromine itself. So there's some different bromine advantages. However, some people prefer the chlorine smell over the bromine smell. So if you want to use Cabreno chlorine or Greno chlorine, either one is fine as far as a sanitizer. They both work very well in a spa environment. However, I would have to caution you on the chlorine, not to use chlorine tablets, but bromine only. Chlorine tablets themselves are made with a tri-chlor byproduct in it, which is very acidic, very powerful gassing off product, which can harm some of the products in your spa. So if you're going to use a chlorine tablet, di-chlor tablets would be the only ones to use. And bromine tablets are all pretty much the same.