Video transcription

In this next clip, we are going to demonstrate how to cut crown molding on an inside corner. Crown molding sits against the wall usually at a 38 degree or a 45 degree that depend on the type of crown and you cannot just make a straight 45 degree cut, you have to do a compound miter and we are going to demonstrate how to do that. Most miter saws have this settings for 38 and 45 on the saw, this one for a 38 degree crown cut in to an inside corner, your miter setting would be 31.6 and your bevel would be 34 degrees and we are ready to cut and that’s what it should look like, inside corners you will always see the wood grain exposed when you look at it on the face. For the other piece, we still do not have to move the bevel every time, you can put the crown upside down or the opposite direction as before and just move your miter and that will give you the right cut. And there we have it, crown molding on the inside corner.