Video transcription

Hi, my name is Todd with Expert Village and today I'm going to show you how to solve a Rubik's Cube. Okay, so now that we have this top layer done, we have to look and see what else we need. If we need to get the corners, the specific algorithm that will do that for us. Very important with this algorithm, you have to hold the cube this way. So you find whichever corners you want to move and you hold the cube this way. Now what this algorithm will do is move this corner here, this corner here and this corner here. And it flips it as it does so blue will be here and red will be here. Red will be here and green will be here. So let's go ahead and look. Looking at this, we know that this corner is going to stay the same, so we're looking for something that will be orange right here, so this piece right here is going to move here so we'll have two oranges and blue will be over here which will be good because this piece is going to flip here and this will be blue. Let's go ahead and try it. Holding it with the top this way, turn it down, so this piece is going to stay the same. We'll turn right two times, clockwise, down, two times to the left, right one time clockwise, top clockwise, right counter clockwise, down to the left twice, right clockwise, up counter clockwise and right clockwise. Now we have these corners. And as you can see, blue is here as well. So we have the corners, let's go ahead and line them up. Now we just need the ends.