Video transcription

What we're going to do now is figure out which direction you hoop in. Hopefully, eventually you'll be able to hoop both ways, but for right now, let's try to choose one. You're going to take your hoop, pick it up and place it on your back. Then you're going to lean either to the right or the left. I hoop to my left, so we're going to try that way first. You're going to take your hoop, place firmly on your back, and you're going to lean to the right and give your hoop a spin. If that feels good, that probably means you hoop to the left. If all of a sudden, you're like whoa and the hoop is going crazy, you need to try it to the right. We're going to do that now. Take the hoop again, holding firmly on your back, and give it a spin to the right. This might feel completely strange to you. That's okay, because this isn't supposed to feel perfect yet. Just try moving to your right. If the hoop falls, don't worry about it. We're going to go into all of that. Just give it a shot. Once again, trying it to the left, giving it a spin, seeing if it feels alright, and trying it to the right. Try to really feel the hoop. See which direction that it wants to go, and then we'll be ready to rock it. Alright, here we go.