Video transcription

Hi I'm Michael Lamendola with and we're going to shoot some pool. Now if the bank shot had an opposite it would be the kick shot, because instead of me hitting the ball to bank it down to the pocket, this time if I wanted to make the three ball I can't do it because the twelve and ten are in the way. Therefore I've got to kick for it, and the same rule applies, I'm going to send the cue ball and bank it or in this case kick it off the rail and bring it back towards the three. Now it's very important that when you are kicking the ball that you pay attention to where you are hitting the cue ball. Because if I use English then the ball is going to go funny places, for example if I try to hit the three ball and I'm aiming at the right place but I'm using right English, the ball is going to go way past the place where it needs to. But in this case, if I line up correctly and I hit it right in the middle you'll notice the cue ball is not going to go to squirley places and hopefully it'll get closer to the three and will go in the pocket. Then there will be fireworks and a parade and the mayor will give me the key to the city. (Missed shot) No key to the city. (Humor)