Video transcription

Ok, the next step in our bedroom painting project is to actually roll out the ceiling paint. The tools I'll be using include a roller of course, my roller sleeve and I've also got an extension pole which you're going to need if you're painting a ceiling. I'm going to take my ceiling white, pour it into the bucket like three or four inches. You also want to make sure that the floor is adequately covered because we don't want to get any paint dripped on the floor. You're going to dip your roller several times to make sure it gets saturated with paint. To avoid any drips, you really want to make sure its worked in there good. K. Then I'm going to attach my extension pole. And this is just to various heights, I'm going to keep it pretty low though. And you want to start on one end and just work your way over gradually. You want to apply a fair amount of pressure but not too much and again, keep in mind that this is the first of two coats. So if you miss a spot the first time around, you'll catch it the second time. Painting a ceiling can be a little tricky in that the color we're using is the same as the previous color so its kind of hard to delineate where we've been so that makes it all the more important to keep a consistent sort of rhythm down. Go from one edge to the next. Ok, that does it for our first coat of ceiling paint. We're going to let that dry for a couple hours and I definitely recommend putting a second coat on. Now let's move on to some trim work.