Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jason with and we're moved on to the polish part of our rock necklace here. And we've just run over here with the 600 grit over this surface. Now, these white lines are just like the scratches we had before. These are spots where with the bit; I didn't keep it flat on the surface. I probably tilted a bit, and that's what made these scratches here. So as you're doing this, be really mindful to not put the whole bit on here. Just work half of the bit on the surface. Move it around. That way, you don't get this grinding into the edges. Just keep it smooths all the way through, just like that, all the way around. And remember, even though this isn't a super-sharp cutting blade, it's still cutting, it's still polishing and any movements up or down or in, they will effect the scratches. So keep it cool and polish the whole thing up with the 600.