Video transcription

So, what we need to do is we just need to practice and the best thing to do is to get your hand in the motion, feel it and then just give it a nice little...So, and then, not all of them are going to come out right 'cause it takes a lot of practice. So, what you need to do is warm your muscle up in your arm, is to do this, just fill, just fill the paper with them. So, that's what you should do right now, just go ahead and fill the paper with them. And, you can check your spheres, by checking out the axis, if this was say in perspective, we have a point here, a point here, a point here, a point here, pretty much, so we can run an X across it, check your axis and it's basically what you were going to be doing, except that it's going to be inside the box. The box that we've laid out in front of us. So, if you can kind of see that. It's good to get some practices in, so it's, so that when you come to do the actual sphere itself it's not going to look so weird. OK, so let's go back to our drawing.