Roll Movement in an Airplane

By dave pressy
dave pressy

Dave Pressy has been a flight instructor in the St. Louis Area for over four years, and a pilot for more than seven years. He has accumulated nearly 1200 hours of flight time in single and multi engine aircrafts, as well as over 800 hours of flight instruction. Dave specializes in teaching flight instructor candidates and especially enjoys teaching in antique aircrafts. Believing that good flight instruction is the key to producing safe, knowledgeable, and professional pilots, Dave strives to provide the highest level of instruction to his students. When not in the air, Dave can be found spending quality time with his wife and three-year-old son at their home in Creve Coeur, MO. Dave is a full time instructor at St. Charles Flying Service at St. Charles Municipal Airport (3SQ) in St. Charles County, MO. He also teaches part-time at St. Louis Sport Aviation at Sackman Field (H49) in Columbia, IL.

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