Video transcription

The next type of massage that we will be explaining is trigger point therapy. Now in trigger point therapy there is a lot of communication between the client and the massage therapist. The massage therapist finds a trigger point which is, it is a knot, that is what most people call them knots. The massage therapist can find a spot and ask the client on a scale of 1-10, what does this feel like, pressure wise. 3...3... okay. So it is not too bad. We can go ahead and go along and find different ones that are more painful, that causes more stress on the body, on a scale of 1-10 what does this feel like. So this is very painful for her. So when I work on it I will not use much pressure. On a scale of 1-10 what does this feel like. Good. So what I will do is put some pressure on it, whether it is with my elbow or with my hand or with my forearm. I will go ahead and I keep on talking to her and I keep on pressing on it and then I will release it and let the body bring blood back to that muscle and will just keep on talking back and forth until she feels like it is less than three on a tolerance scale. So just remember what is the trigger point therapy. It is not necessarily always comfortable. It takes care of a lot of stress in your body but there will be a lot of discomfort while you are going through it, it is not a relaxing massage. It is one for you to release bundled up energy that is in your muscles.