Video transcription

Hi I'm Theresa and I'm here with Reyna and we're going to demonstrate how to do a French twist, a very simple French twist. What you want to do, basically what you'll need, is you'll need a rat tail comb, you'll need some bobby pins, and when you apply these to the hair with a French twist, you want to zig zag them, zig zag them, sorry. So you want to put one in and then go with another one and make an X. So I'm just letting you know we're going to make X's with the, the bobby pins here. So it's very simple, just get the hair and you want to comb it back of course. And I'm sure we've all done this. So what I'm going to do is hold her hair back like this with my hand. Reyna, can you put your chin down just a little bit for me, there you go. And I'm going to start putting these pins in here. Now you can also roller set your hair to help the hair hold better. You can put a lot of gel in it, you know make it more fancy. This is just a very basic French twist I'm doing on her hair. Make sure we have enough bobby pins in here to hold her hair. And I'm going to get it and I'm just going to kind of use the bottom, like so and just start twisting it up. Holding that hair, twisting it up like so. Don't worry about all the hair that's falling out, just try to get it as tight as you can right here. And then get some pins and start holding it in. You can do this by yourself, you don't need me in the back to hold the hair. Once you get it, you just start holding the hair and pinning it where you think you should put a pin. And being that Reyna has so much hair, we're going to put some pins up on the top here. And the hair that's left out, spray a little on there, do a little curls, let some hair down, finish it off with some hair spray. You can curl the hair on the sides, you can use this and pick it up. But make sure that you get those bobby pins in there and you have a nice French twist in the back.