Video transcription

We are going to start working on the back now. The good thing about the back is that there are a lot of muscles that we can reach and you are going to have the location of your neck and your shoulders and your lower back where all the pains come from. So I am going to use just a couple of drops again, not using ever very much oil because we really don’t need it. I am starting down with a gliding stroke with my fingers together using my feet. I am using proper body mechanics and I am going straight down the back and saying hello to the back just so that I can get a good feel for what the tissue is telling me. I am just keeping my fingers pretty much together and coming back up towards the neck. I can you a petrissage which is what we were doing before with the kneading of the palms and going all through the back this way. The pressure that I am using on her back all depends on the pressure that I am using on my feet. So I am pushing from the back of my foot, all the way forward and all I am doing is simple gliding strokes. Careful with too much wrist work because if you bend your wrist too much that way it can hurt you in the long run. I can always have access to the neck as well. Circular movements, all of this is very relaxing. We will see you in the next segment.