Video transcription

Hi we are going to be continuing at the leg and going to the gluteal area. There are a lot of muscles here and it is very important to work these muscles because it relieves the lower back. The first thing I am going to be doing is going in and experiencing what the depth is. I don’t really need that much oil here but just going in and feeling. With my fists, there are three major muscle groups here so I am going to be pushing in, because it feels good anyway and then with my thumbs I am going to be experiencing the hip bone and I want to see how that feels. There are a lot of attachments that go into this bone. So I am just going to be feeling around, going around the hip area and there are a lot of attachments that come in so what I can do is just massage it with my thumb, one on top of the other because it relieves a lot of the pressure. I can do the same thing moving up into the back. Now I can do the same type of petrosodge that we were doing before and I can always run, all the way through the gluteals, all the way to the back. I push down on the Gluteals as well because it is stretching out the lower back, muscles that join in with the gluteals.