How to Clean Iron Steam Holes

By marti swanson
marti swanson

Marti Swanson is a versatile professional with a background as a fashion designer, University instructor, entrepreneurial business owner (in the fashion and beauty industry), and all around mom. Her education included a wide range of University and specialized training including: study of fashion design at St. Mary’s University; Vogue College of Cosmetology; Nashville Academy of Fine Arts (theater), Hill Country Fine Arts (costume design), graduated Cum Laude, Southwest Texas State University; her professional career has included project management, planning and facilitation, education and training. Instructor at Southwest Texas State University. Owner of Earth Stone Design/ Cinagro; specializing in design-products for the marketplace. Master Planner, Trainer, writer for Texas Parks and Wildlife. Hairstylist/Make-up Artist; all while ironing for the entire family. Her expertise included knowledge of fabrics, materials, and clothing manufacturing. She has worked professionally as a seamstress in design.

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