Video transcription

Okay, this is one of my pressers Magda. She'd been working for us quite a while and what she's going to be doing here is she's going to take a jacket and put on the suzy and the suzy what it does go ahead and get the jacket what it does is it's a dress form and it also forms jackets and what she's going to be doing here is she put the jacket on the form. We're going to zip it up and this is also kind of like the pants presser that we've just used and what it's going to be doing is she going to form the sleeves now. These are sleeves formers and we'll be blowing steam through it and also air and that'll form everything and get all the wrinkles out and what not. Okay and then she's going to step on the start button which will start blowing the steam through. So, what it's doing right now is blowing the steam and air through and it's expanding it to get rid of the wrinkles and stuff and now what it's doing is blowing air through to drawing the steam out that we've used to get the wrinkles out. Okay and now what we do is we remove everything. We remove the blouse and we got one of our handy dandy hangers. Alright and we observe finished product. It all comes out and then what we'll do is hang it and we will send it off to assembly.