Video transcription

Ok. So, we've come to almost completion. We have one more measurement and then we'll be completely done. And, we'll have all of the necessary information to make ourselves anything that we want using these calculations. And, the head circumference for a hat possibly, is just something you should know. Maybe, for a size chart or if you have to wear a hat for a costume. If you have to wear a hat for, god forbid someone's wedding as a bridesmaid, I don't know. You just need to know your head size. And, the head size goes by circumference. So, it's the fullest part of your head. And, mine is a twenty one and a half. So, someone who is fitting hats, if you tell them the circumference they will be able to give you a size according to that circumference. So, I'm just going to write that down on my drawing. And, then I'll be completely finished with all of the measurements necessary to really make anything I want or have someone else make something for me. I'm going to write that down. And, then we're done.