Video transcription

Hi! I'm Karen for Expert Village. Now I'll show you how to sew on our patch to repair our dress pants. We repaired the patch by the ironing board. This is the iron on interfacing that will hold the sides to our patch down. You can either place it and fasten it with a pin and I like to use a little bit of fabric glue. It helps to hold it on in place while you are sewing. So you just put a little bit of fabric glue. Don't bother putting the glue where the hole is because that is not going to help and just place it down and let it dry. You can wash off any excess fabric with any damp rag. Now we are going to place our pants onto the machine. You want to make sure that you have a thread that matches the pants. My pants are black so I put in a black thread and you need to slip the pants onto the arm of the sewing machine and just slide the leg right down onto the arm of the sewing machine like that. You are going to sewing as close to the edge of your homemade patch as possible using a straight stitch and a normal stitch length of about 2 1/2 and then first back up a little bit to knot it as close to the edge as possible. When you come to the corner, turn. Now this patch is not going to be invisible but it will be a lot less conspicuous than trying to put on a patch that didn't come from the actual fabric of the pants and you will get a little more use out of these pants. The patch is a lot nicer looking than a hole. Go right to the edge. The last stitch I like to roll down wiht my hand and just stop and turn at each corner. I am going as close to the edge as possible. That will do. Turn the corner and just do a few stitches forward and back to knot it. Here's a dress repair repaired with a piece of fabric from the garment itself.