Video transcription

Hi! I'm Karen for Expert Village. This is the end of our rip and we are going to continue on past the end of the rip about half an inch and as you go, your perpendicular stitches will become closer and closer. We do this so that at the very end the stitch is really quite tiny and that is so that we gradually close the gap. If we stopped the stitch right here at the bigger stitch, we would have a little bit of a buckle and a you know a little pucker there. We want to just gradually merge out of the blind stitch and we won't have a big lump there. It will just slowly come out and if you weren't using black thread, you really would not see any stitches here and it would look just like a little seam. I am just going to go underneath to show you how to knot it. This is what it looks like on the other side when you pull it tight. To knot it you are going to grab a little bit of fabric, make a loop, put the needle through the loop, pull that loop down, make another loop, put the needle through that loop and then pull tightly. So you will pull that tight and press that and there's your repair.