Video transcription

Let's talk about when to wear a thong. I personally wear a thong most days. I find them more comfortable and I find that they look best under most things. There's a number of different kinds of thongs so I say the Hanky Panky's are really great as an everyday panty. They're very seamless and they're very smooth, but if you're wearing something clingy, you might want something with a little less texture. Like the OnGossamer thong, not a lot of texture and it's still very smooth to fit but sometimes you still get lines that cut across so if you're wearing something fitted, you might want a short that distributes a little more evenly or even the Commando Laser Cut panty. When you don't want to wear a thong is when you turn around and you can see the lines from your thong through whatever you're wearing. It looks a little ridiculous, so you want to go for something that covers a little more. Also, if you're wearing a white pant, you're better off wearing a nude full panty underneath, just try to find one with the smoothest lines you can. Nude does not show up under white, white shows up under white.