Video transcription

Today we've been talking about how to measure your bra size. The reason a bra size is so important is because it keeps the breast tissue from breaking down too quickly. On that note, you need a sports bra. What a sports bra does, is it holds you in place so it doesn't force your breast tissue to break down faster while you're doing high endurance activity, and it also keeps the sweat away from your body instead of breaking down your everyday bras with excess moisture. So, to find a sports bra for you, first you need to start with the kind of activity you're doing. If you're doing low impact, walking, golfing, there's a great Donna Karan bra, it's called the "Golf Bra". It's underwire and it runs in cup and band size. I would always recommend that, until you start getting into jogging, running, tennis, anything that's high endurance and you're going to be moving around a lot more. For a smaller cup size you can get away with using just a regular sports bra that pulls over your head as long as the band is snug. If it's too loose on the bottom, you might as well not be wearing it. For a bigger cup size, I do recommend an underwire. It's going to hold you in place better, and it's going to keep your whole body in better condition. If the weight of your front is moving around too much, your back is going to start hurting. So you want an underwire to lift you, hold you into that place and have a firm material that's not going to let you move.