Video transcription

I'm Holly Olson. I am going to talk to you about leg waxing. If you are calling it a salon leg waxing, you will find them referring to a half leg or a full leg. On a half way wax, it is typically from the center of the knee down to the ankle and even to the top of the feet and toes, if they are needed. A full leg wax would be from the crease of the hip down to the whole leg, to the ankle feet and toes. Again, if you are waxing at home you want to make sure you exfoliate first and get the legs very very clean so there is no oil left. You may even want to take powder and brush a little upward on the legs so you can get the hair to stand up especially if it doesn't have a full grow out. We are going to take a flat spatula and we are going to do a nice paint down the leg and again with a large superlass area such as arms and legs, you want to get quite a bit of wax on the leg before you start your pulls and therefore, you get a little more bang for your buck with your muslin strips because you can use the same strip over and over again. You can get several pulls out of it. We are going to rub pretty hard on the legs. You want to get a lot of firm pressure to get those hairs to stand up and again you want to get that little rub afterwards; it takes the sting out and pick up the little extras and you have some really nice smooth legs. When working with the back of the leg, you may need to go down diagonal so that a lot of hair on back of the leg will grow in this pattern. So you want to go diagonal around the knees. You want to bend the knee to create a nice firm round pressure here. If you have your legs straight when you are doing the knee, you will find it kind of wiggles around and you won't get a clean pull and you will have wax left over. But the upper legs, coming down on the upper leg you want to pull tight by pulling the knee down here. A lot of times if you have a lot of hair growth and it is really thick and you are having a professional do it, you will actually pull your leg up like you are holding a stocking and that way the professional can pull down. The tighter the skin, the less you feel it.