Video transcription

My client has medium textured hair. It's completely straight. And what I'll be doing, is I'm going to be using the clippers to create a nice sharp line all around the occipital lobe, and then I'll be taking my shears at the top and connecting those two together. I'm going to spray some water to get the consistency of the hair nice and even. The first thing that I'll do, is I'm going to take my clippers and I'm going to clean up everything that seems heavy all around the back of the head. I'm going to be using the blade number two. Sideways, please. To continue to work on the back of the ear, I'm going to pull his ear forward so that I keep it safe from the blade. Continue to work in the back of the nape of the head. Forward, please. The position of the head of my client determines how high I want to go cutting around the parietal ridge, which connects one side of the head on the back to the round and on the other. The occipital bone on the back of the head determines where I want to take this number of the blade to. Pull his ear to keep it free from the blade.