Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dustin on behalf of Expert Village and today I'm here at Callister's to show you some straw hats. Now, I just showed you some felt hats, but straw hats are generally worn in the summer right after Labor Day. Before Labor Day, you want to be wearing felts, during the winter time mostly. Straws, here, are made to protect your face from the sun. Some of them are made of different types of straw; Bangora, Bollo straw, some are even sea grass; like this one here happens to be sea grass. There are many different varieties, because this one's made of paper. There are just a lot of different varieties out there. But these ones here are basically so your head doesn't get hot with a felt and get hot and sweat and ruin your felt really easily. Summertime is where you want to stick with something like a straw like these here. Some of the best ones, we've got newer styles, like say this one here. This one here is for the trendy type. If you're not for one to conform, this one that I would recommend, if you like something like that. And those are just a few straw hats.