Video transcription

Before waxing, I inform my clients it's important to avoid heat from sun and water and to not go into the suntan booth or the spray suntan thing for at least one day. Skin is so sensitive after waxing because the pores are open so care is needed. I'd be sure to ask my clients if they're taking any acne medicine orally or topically as their skin was very sensitive and they could have redness rash for at least two weeks. Aaron is thinking about getting a tattoo and waxing is the best way to prepare your skin before getting a tattoo. Because his skin is sensitive, I have told him to wait several hours or a day before he gets his tattoo. If you have a tattoo anywhere on your body, it is important to let it heal completely before you get it waxed. After waxing, I let my clients know to avoid working out or going into perspiration cause your sweat glands produce more you and can tend to get very itchy and uncomfortable and redness can occur, maybe breaking out also. So try to avoid working out for a couple of hours and if you must then you might protect your skin by putting some corn starch powder on to soke up the moisture.