Video transcription

Hi this is Debra Windsong with Expert Village. In this segment I'll speak about bracelets and for the most part, bracelets are like making short necklaces. You do have to kind of figure out the length. Sometimes you can, again, make it adjustable with using the chain link, and other times, it's okay to go with one length if it works best for your style. So what I did here is I used wire and strung the beads just like a necklace, same attachment, the crimps, the crimp covers, and either the trigger clasp or a toggle clasp. The best thing to do if you're not sure of the size, is to make the bracelet a little bit larger than you think it needs to be, because if you do have to go in and change it and actually take the clasp off, and change it, you probably will be able to avoid restringing and you'll have enough if you take a bead or two off to be able to put the clasp back on easily. Bracelets are always tricky to get on. There is not one clasp that is the easiest clasp of all, unless you're okay with using a magnet clasp. For the most part, women have just figured this out over time, and that's that you just drap the bracelet around you, and either you use the trigger clasp or the toggle clasp with one hand, or you get someone to help you. I've talked to a lot of women mainly who definitely prefer the trigger clasp because they feel like it won't go anywhere once it's on. The toggle clasp can sometimes, if you're leaning your arm and the bracelet against something, unknowlingly can sometimes work it's way loose.