Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Faircloth, Artistic Director and co-owner of Salon Teez. For Expert Village, this is how to trim women's hair. There are a number of ways to cut the fringe section. If somebody already doesn't have a fringe area, the easiest and most effective way is to create a pie shaped section just in the front of the head. This section will run from the point where you see fit or determining how much bangs they want. The closer the triangle is to the front of the head will determine how heavy the bangs will be. So we'll start off just slightly past the round of the head, using that as our reference point, and I've sectioned down to just past her eyebrow here and just past her eyebrow here. I'll comb this hair more into a natural fall and because I'm right handed, I'll start on the right side, working towards the left. Left handers will start on the left side working towards the right. Now that the hair is combed in its natural fall, I'll use my comb underneath to determine where I want these bangs to be. I can use an angle or I can go straight across. For this purpose, I'll actually go straight across her head form. There's very little tension that I'm using here. It's all comb tension, and that's what I want. If I tend to pull this hair down with a finger tension, especially with curly hair, the hair might spring up once I'm done and create a shorter bang than what we actually want to see. Again, my comb goes underneath the hair....and I'll work this around. If I bring all of this to the front, I'm actually going to get longer pieces on the side that what I may want to end up with. As you can see, I've got a nice even fringe going right across the front of the head form, so now she'll be able to wear a heavier type of fringe.