Video transcription

today we're going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language. In this clip, we're learn the words later, stop, clock, yesterday, and sorry. Let's first start off with later. You want to take the letter L and your other hand and signify will be later. You take the L and you point it towards that person. Later. Later. Later. Later. Stop, very easy. Stop. Stop. Stop. Clock. With this hand, with your left hand, form the letter C and then use your index finger and go in a circle clockwise. Clock. Clock. Maybe you want to stop the clock. Stop the clock. Yesterday. Take the letter Y and take the thumb starting at your chin and work up towards your ear. Yesterday. It's the Y signifying it passing. Not later. Yesterday. Yesterday. Yesterday. Sorry. You want to take your hand in the letter A almost again. In a very small movement form a circle in the middle of your chest. Sorry. Sorry. Again, facial expression is so important with that. You want to look like you are sorry. Sorry.