Video transcription

we're now going to learn how to speak Icelandic. Phrases that Pertain to Driving. Can you check the oil please? Gaetirdu kikt a oliuna?, Gaetirdu kikt a oliuna? Can you check the water level please? Gaetirdu kikt a vatnid?, Gaetirdu kikt a vatnid? Do you do repairs? Gerid pid vid?, Gerid pid vid? There is something wrong with the car. Pad er eikkvad af bilnum., Pad er eikkvad af bilnum. I would like to rent a car. Eg parf ad leigja bil., Eg parf ad leigja bil. Where can I park? Hvar get eg lagt bilnum?, Hvar get eg lagt bilnum? Is there a mileage charge? Hvad Kostar Kilometerinn?, Hvad kostar Kilometerinn? Where is the nearest gas station? Hvar er naesta abensinstod?, Hvar er naesta bensinstod? Does it include insurance? Er pad med tryggingu?, Er pad med tryggingu?