Video transcription

DR. SUSAN JEWELL: Hello. My name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village today, I'm going to talk to you about how to treat fevers. Now, in this clip, we're going to talk about the way to take an accurate reading of the body's temperature, and of course then you can see if you do have a fever or not, and that's using the thermometer. In the olden days, people used the mercury thermometer, but because of the carcinogenic effect of mercury on the body, nowadays they've come up with more advanced ways to take temperature, and you can get different types of thermometers. So, taking a temperature, normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and the different types of thermometers out there available, of course, the one is the most hygienic and the most cheapest way is the paper disposable thermometers. Usually, when you go to the hospital or a clinic, and they take your temperature, especially with children, they'll use the paper disposable because first, they don't want to the mercury because kids tend to bite down on the thermometer and break it, and the mercury would then enter into their system, of course like I said with the old-fashioned mercury thermometer, and then there's the digital thermometer which actually gives very accurate reading. Now here, what I have is I've got some examples of different types of thermometers, and here you can see this is a basal thermometer, and we have it here where you can buy this very easily in the drugstore, the local pharmacy, and it comes in this package, so, it comes in a container so it's not breakable., and that is also similar to a mercury. Here's an old-fashioned mercury thermometer, the mercury is in this silver bulb end here, and when you start putting into a surface that's hot then the mercury starts to rise up to a tube here. So, that's the old-fashioned mercury thermometer. And then, here is a more modern digital thermometer, which is accurate reading, and it's better to use for children, so that, especially young infants where it reduces the risk of them breaking the mercury thermometer. So these are all readily available, different types of thermometers that you can purchase in the drugstore.