Video transcription

Okay some things you want to look for when you get an colonic is obviously that your therapist wears gloves and that you ask that there is disposable tubing and disposable speculum. Back in the day they used to use metal speculums which you would have to auto clave to sterilize but technology has gotten to the point where we use plastic speculums that are disposable so this whole unit here is disposable and that is really what you want. There are actually more comfortable as well. So I am going to explain a little bit about our system here at Hydrohealth for the colonic. There are several different types of colon hydrotherapy systems. This one is called the Woods method or the gravity flow method. It has actually been around the longest. So what this is, is the tank sits up high, and you sit down low and like an enema the water flows into you and 60 seconds is equivalent to 1 gallon worth of water which is what each fill is, 1 gallon worth of water. So when you release everything goes down the tube, down the drain here and it is plumbed to the sewage system just like a toilet would be. So there is one tube that the water goes in which is here. Here is where the filtered water comes into the tank which is above your head. This is the water, the inlet tube where the water actually goes into you and then when it comes out it is going to come down here to the drain, go down to the sewage system just like a toilet would. Now also in this system when we will fill you it is your own muscles that push out the matter so your muscles actually get a better work out, more tone which is what we want so that your bowel movement become bigger and your muscle tone becomes better and you are not reliant on colonics to have good bowel movements so that basically is the system of the Woods method gravity flow. There is other systems where it uses pressurized machines but it actually does more of the work than your colon. Here your colon does more of the work rather than the machine.