Video transcription

I am doctor Ed Weaver with Wilmington Optometry in Wilmington, North Carolina on behalf of Expert Village to tell you how to care for your contact lenses. Learning how to insert a contact lens can be a challenge for a first-time wearer, but with a little practice it becomes very easy. When I ask my patients at their follow-up visits how many times it took for them to get their contact lenses in, I hope they will tell me one. If they tell me three or four tries, I know that they need a little bit more instruction. Inserting a contact lens basically involves putting this soft lens directly onto the cornea. The cornea is the front part of the eye, basically the part of the eye that covers the iris, or the color part of your eye. So that lens has got to be centered on the cornea, which covers the iris. The back surface of that contact lens is fit or matched to fit the front surface of the cornea. So that lens fits your eye like a hand in a glove, and if it's put on properly, it will position itself just right on the front of the eye. If it's not put on properly, it will de-center and it will get on the white part of the eye and that can be a problem.