Video transcription

Full neck rotations can really relax you and feel wonderful but you have to be careful to make sure that you have no neck problems. Because if you have any neck injuries, whatsoever, you probably don't want to do this one. If you don't have any neck problems it?s going to feel great. So Gina's going to help me demonstrate the full neck rotations. She's sitting on "sukasan" lengthening up to her spine, reaching up through the crown of her head. So she's just going to allow her eyes to soften close. On her inhale, she's just going to drop her chin down to her chest. And as she begins to exhale very slowly, she's going to bring her right ear over to her right shoulder and then continue all the way around in a full neck rotation. Now on this particular rotation, she's just going to notice what's going on in her neck. She's going to notice if there's any cracking or popping. She's going to notice how fast she's going. And if she's going quickly, she's going to slow down. On the second rotation, that's your time to be able to start to do something about that cracking or popping. So you lengthen your neck long and you reach the crown of head right up to the sky. And so you just make your circles a little bit more confine and that will take all the cracking and popping away. On her third rotation, she might have notice some stress on one spot, maybe tense on another spot, she's just going to hang in that spot and use her breath as she exhales just allowing that tension to release right out of the neck, breathing and relaxing, and then when she's ready she brings her chin back down to her chest. Good. And then on her next inhale, she lengthens her head right back up to the sky, reaching through the crown of the head, and exhales. And then she will come around to the other side.