Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tim Ambrosius. I'm a professional guitar technician. And, I'm going to show you how to restring an electric guitar. First, you'll need a couple of things. You'll need some wire cutters, a string winder, which really helps, and a tuner. First, what you want to do is loosen the old string. You want to loosen it because you don't want to cut it with the high tension on, it might snap back. Just cut the string wherever you want to. Unwind it from the tuning machine. Then, take it out of the bag. Then, with your other string, what you'll need to do is place, you'll have a ball end on one end and it'll just be straight on the other. Just take the straight end, put it into the guitar, and come out the other end. You want to pull it tight until the ball end catches. Then, you lay it flat down on the guitar make sure it's going through the bridge, the notch in the bridge, there's a notch right there. You just pull it tight. What you want to do is, they're going to give you a lot of extra string almost all the time, so you don't need all that extra string. What you need to do is just measure off of posts of extra string. Mark it with your hand. Run it through the tuning machine. Then, bend it right there just in case you lose your place or something or it comes through you can just bring it back there. And what you need to do is start wrapping the string using your peg winder. And just start wrapping. Make sure that the wraps go inside. See how this is three to a side, and all the wraps go to the inside. Then make sure you're wrapping in that direction. Just pull on it a little bit. Make sure that your wraps go underneath each other. See how this, right down there, goes down the post. You don't want them to go above it. You want them to go down. The string needs to break when it goes over the knot. So, just wind it tight. When it's all said and done, you'll have two to three wraps around the post. That's about how many you need. You just use your tuner. Tune it up to pitch. Then, after you've tuned it up to pitch, what you want to do is stretch out the string. That'll pull the wraps around the posts tight. It will knock it out of tune again, so you just tune it up. Do it one more time. Then, you clip off the excess string at the top of the post. There you are.