Video transcription

I'm Teddy Kern at Dance Manhattan in New York City and this is Heather Gehring and Lou Brock and we've been teaching Foxtrot. So a lovely combination in very basic Foxtrot, looking for the basic step which is the zig zag, the outside basic step, the promenade, which is the opening and sideward traveling step, and the rock turn to avoid corners and obstacles. So again, basic steps, outside basic, closed position basic, rock turn, and promenade. That is really a fundamental Foxtrot that will serve you well no matter where or when you're dancing, particularly at your wedding. So, we're happy to do now, a combination of Foxtrot steps including zig zag move. Slow, slow, quick, quick. Slow, outside zig zag. Slow, slow, outside your feet, rock turn, change directions, rock turn again, so you can finish traveling, go and go. And then he dashes to do a promenade. Quick, quick, slow, slow. Quick, quick, rock turn, and promenade again, slow, slow, quick, quick.