Video transcription

I'm Teddy Kern at Dance Manhattan in New York City and this is Heather Gehring and Lou Brock and we've been teaching Foxtrot. Foxtrot, as I said, is very difficult and very simple at the same time. We're going to take the exact same basic step that we did called the zig zag or the traveling step and we're going to do the step in a different position. Instead of taking dance position with Lou, Lou's going to step outside of Heather's feet and onto her hip and do exactly the same two slow steps. Reverse back there if you would. So again, the slow steps are outside of his partner's feet. Slow, slow, he's going to face her on the side step, quick, quick. Now he brings her to the other side and changes the position that got us back again in this. Slow, slow, and face your partner, quick, quick. That's called outside basic or outside zig zag, exactly the same step traveling in exactly the same direction but outside the partner like so. Outside your partner, face your partner.