Video transcription

I'm Reno McCormick and we're going to tell you about tuning string instruments today. Now we have a Ukulele, or Ukulele as they say. Hawaiian music depends heavily on the Ukulele. It's tuned awfully funny. It's just like a guitar, tenor guitar, only the low D is tuned an octave higher to a higher D. I don't know if I'm in tune with a tuner. I know I'm in tune with myself because it makes a chord when I do a G chord, F chord. Where did they come up with "My Dog Has Fleas" for tuning this? I don't know. Maybe it's an old song from the Swing days. They're fun, but they're awfully small for a man to play. Although Tiny Tim wasn't that small, was he? So what are we tuned to? Well this should be a D. We're tuned an octave low, we're going to stay there. We're tuned a fifth low, is what we are. Man, these are funny.