Video transcription

Hi everybody, I want to show you some cool, like visual stunts with rope and one of them is very magical and the other one is just a stunt. The first one is the one handed knot and this is what it looks like. You drape the rope over your and hand like this and if you grab it, give it a little snap, it ties a knot in the rope and you can pull that all the way through and it makes the knot. I will do it for you one more time. Take the knot and you drape it over the hand just like this and with a little bit of snap we tie a knot in the rope just like that. Now we are going to do another one that is a favorite of mine, this is called threading the needle. I take the rope and wrap it around my thumb just like that. We all know how difficult it is to thread a needle but I'm going to do it right here right now in front of you with this rope. 1,2,3, oops let's try that one more time and I won't let it go. 1,2,3 just like that. That's threading the needle and the one handed knot and I'm going to teach you how to do both of those.