Video transcription

Hi, um, I'm going to talk about major scales, and moveable patterns. And, what I mean by that, the instrument is laid out, um, you know with four different strings; and uh, playing major scales, starting on the root. Right, so the root means, like, the beginning of the scale. So if I play a major scale, C for example, I know that C, I know it's a major scale pattern, but I also know that since I started on this note here, it's C. So, for example, if I did the same pattern that would be D. It's the same major scale pattern, first finger in action now because I had to move up, but before that note was being played by the open string. But um, so anyways, those kinds of things where you can move them around, and know you're still playing the same thing. Um, I'm also going to incorporate this exercise, with some time, you know, uh, we're going to set the metronome at sixty; and uh, we're going to play quarter notes, triplets, and eighth notes.