Video transcription

Hi this is Leslie Sack and my website is and this is west coast swing. It is the California state dance so it is very important to learn and it is a combination it is also some of sophisticated into a swing so there are different kinds of timing to it we have 6 count pattens and we have 8 counts patterns. So we are going to covering most of those. If you learn the first 3 patterns in west coast swing everything else is just a variation off those 3 patterns. So the other great thing about the west coast swing is that once you done those basic patterns we do what is called a syncopation off of those so you are not always doing the same rhythm we could always add and play and dance where both the man and the women can really interrupt the music and feel a little innervated with there style. It is a lot of fun and just kind of learn those basic. Here we go.